Wednesday, February 9, 2011

with the boys

Another unplanned dinner. One of the boys again. We were just gossiping during our Advance Accounting class and Ali keeps on asking if we wanted to dine out (with a puppy fcuk smiling face) and I just can't say no with JM and Ali (being the heart broken people :D ). Went to Carinderia buffet (featured in US girls, studio 23) in QC to try their buffet for 99+ vat pesos only.

Carinderia Buffet offers Filipino dishes for a very affordable price. It is not an air conditioned resto like the typical buffet restos. Buffet choices are dinuguan, sinigang na baboy, tahong, pansit and a whole lot more of Filipino dishes.
It was really fun to experience and dine in a very affordable price around Metro but I think I would not go back . The service is great, servers always roam around and check our drinks, they also maintain enough food in the buffet table but the food is warm even though you feel the heat from the table. with the food, they lack on something, i can't tell what is it though.

Kerby, Mark, Ali, JM
*JM moved his plates to hide his leftovers.

Transferred in Wicked Kitchen, Mo. Ignacia, to eat something sweet.

ordered the all time favorite Gluttony

I know I'm gaining weight again :(

P.S .I haven't blog anything about my birthday. But will do soon. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year passed again. I must say time really flies so fast.wasn't able to post blogs and pictures of 2010 highlights. was too busy working in mom's office, catching up with friends and playing minesweeper (i'm so into it lately).

Wishin for another fruitful year to come.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My prophetic autobiography

It was the 2nd day of our retreat and we were asked to write a story of our life. Our own journey looking back if we were 75 years old. I'm kinda teary eyed thinking about my age during that time. hahaha. Now, I'm sharing my version of my life on how I see it (and hopefully, it will be like this)

It's so happy to look back again. Seventy five years of my life passed already. And thinking about it, a smile on my face automatically appears. It was years ago but it seems like everything just happened recently. I was born on January 31, 1991, raised by Juliet and Teody, my parents. I have an older sister. She was my playmate and we lived in a barrio, with a few neighbors, which include my cousins. I definitely had a wonderful childhood. We play and share stories. Life with this I would say being a child is so simple, you laugh, you smile, you also easily cry. And you eventually grow. My teenage years. I spent it living with the fullest. Met too many great friends, who are a lot a like me; carefree, happy and cool teens. Dwelling on my teenage part of my life, I can still remember some issues. I was baptized as a Roman Catholic, hear mass every Sundays and I am much closer to God when I'm 16. Then I went to college. It was like I have a God, I pray when I remember to pray, I hear mass when I'm in the mood . I was too unfair with God. I go to Him when I'm down, he lifts up my spirits. I make a wish and he grants it. That was some of spiritual issues and it was so relieving to be able resolve them. Then I enter the corporate world or known as the real world. There and then I was able to resolve other issues (teen dramas) and I'm a successful career woman. I started as a simple employee then I got promoted. I was a hardworking employee. I grew, I became more mature because I'm already facing the real challenges of life. I learned to TRY because I can now accept that I'm a person, I can FAIL. there's nothing wrong with failing, "that God will always be beside you to guide and walk with you in life's journey. Then I quit my job. My parents gave/ let me handle our business. Well, ever since they have trusted, they never doubted me (It may be that I don't understand them on my earlier years because I'm too childish and I'm not mature enough). Handling our business was not that hard, gaining respect and leading the people the right way helped me a lot. Inner me unleashed my hidden talents and abilities to lead the people. I was capable of doing things. With experiences I am more sociable ( more sociable than ever) and in one of the party I attended, my husband and I crossed our paths. He was, still and will be partner of my life forever. He may not be the perfect husband but he is definitely the best and the one meant for me. He showed the different faces of the world and opened my eyes on my other issues to mold me more. I played the part of loving, understanding and trying-to-be-perfect wife and the best mom with our kids. my three kids grew too fast, and now they also have their own kids. I could not elaborate more the way I raised my kids but all I could say is that my parent's style of molding is also my style :)
Oh glorious years passed by, now I am sitting in this chair around the garden. I invited my siblings' family to spend time us. I excused myself to write this autobiography and try to remember the fruitful years. I can the see the small ones playing and goofing around and the elders and my parents having a good laugh with a small discussion about the politics. Could I say that our family is really not into politics but almost all of our business is related with government. My sister is running her own hospital and her husband is a corporate lawyer, who owns a law firm. My little brother is the head of engineering department of the construction company known globally and his wife is running their business. this reminds me to call my friends and share a good laugh with them, we all shared different funny and sad stories.
My story, there is nothing to wish for material things, I am more than ever contented with my life. My only prayer is that more people would and continue to help our foundation, so we could continue to share more blessings to others.
Life now is not complicated anymore. I am old now. I have God beside me no matter what will happen tomorrow, i can still smile with every good or bad news. even if there are too many wrinkles appear when i smile. my smile is REAL. God love me and every one of us, we just need time to see it. This is not the end because God will still give me missions to accomplish.
Wait., my husband is looking for me.

*still kinikilig on the part of meeting my husband :)
Sorry, the thoughts, ideas and everything is mixed up and there are parts where the setting is fast while some are slow. We were only given half an hour or an hour to write this and I was crying really hard before writing
Enjoy reading! (who ever you are)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run for fitness

Finally, I would be able to join a race/run. Joining a race is one of my must do for 2010.
Align Center

This morning, I went to Ateneo (Loyola campus) with Pipay to register for the Ateneo Law Blue Race. By the way we encountered some problems before reaching Ateneo. It was really traffic in the U-turn area of Katipunan flyover. The guards and infodesk officer in Xavier Hall was not aware of the race and the Ateneo Lex. So I had to browse for the contact person and number of the event using my mobile. Called Francis Garcia (contact person) to ask where to register inside the campus and he said that it is inside Manuel Pangilinan bldg. Luckily, it was at the back of Xavier hall. We just parked the car and walked to the building. The people in Ateneo Lex was really accommodating.

The race will be on November 7, 2010 at Ateneo De Manila University, Loyola. You can register at the Ateneo Human Rights Center in the Ateneo Professional Schools in Rockwell, Makati or the Ateneo Lex in the Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Campus. You can also register online.
Registration fees :3K- P400.oo, 5K- P450.00, 7.5K-P500.00

So excited with the singlet! My name will be printed in my race bib because I was able to register before October 14. :))

Race map. I chose the 5k while Pipay and Ate J in 3K.

I'm really excited with the run because I've been running lately.
And this sembreak my plan is to run around UP Los Banos and oval of Malayan Colleges Laguna.

But before this event, I will be also running in Alabang (Run with the Light) on October 30, 2010. Actually, I'm not yet registered. I'll prolly go to Alabang Town Center (Planet Sports) next week to register for 3K.
They've got 3K, 5K and 10K and the registration fee is P350.00 and P400.00 on the race week.

If you want to join a run or marathon, log on to or for list of races.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back with a surprise

As I said on my last blog entry I'll be back soon. And here I am again, blogging. Here it goes....

Yesterday was my sister's 21st birthday and I organized a surprise birthday party for her. It was so easy to organize one since we live together and I have her friends' numbers and everything is easy as 1, 2, 3.

but before the party is the preparation.

I asked my friends for suggestions since I don't know much about computer, editing and layout. I gave a copy of my favorite creative shot of Janine to Gem, my classmate. Thanks to her! She did the layout and had it printed in their shop. I just picked it up in their shop.

Then, I rushed to the supermarket to get the things I needed for the party. Went back home and Ate Abi tagged me along to get a cake for Janine in Amici. a gelato cake I forgot the name of the cake (strawberry and chocolate ice cream on the top and banana on the bottom) by the way IT TASTES SO GOOD. got no decent photo of the cake since it's somewhat melted. Anyway, Ate Abi surprised her with the cake when the clock hit 12

Anywhoooo, back to my surprise. With the foods, I cooked carbonara, pasta con tono, chicken fingers, fried cordon bleu, hotdogs and prepared salad with Honey Mustard and Pichi-pichi from Malabon courtesy of Chelsea, ube from our freezer in Laguna (hahaha). With the birthday cake, I was planning to get a bannoffee pie from bannapple but Ate Abi's cake have bananas on it. And so I bought a Polly's Chocolate cake in Shell Magallanes.

JP with ate J. She was surprised!!!!!!! She said that She could not believe I could do something really sweet! Hahahahaha Her visitors came late. What a party!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

way back in China

As I was scanning the television for an interesting show at about 2am, I stopped and got curious with Nat Geo's docu named Inside Forbidden City( I don't even know if it's a new or old one). There was temples and palaces and they said it's located in Beijing. That's why I keep on asking myself: "Nakita ko na ata yan?" Well it is mainly because Hello, lahat naman ng palace and temples nila ay mukang pare-pareho and 3 years passed already for me to remember the foreign land.

Now, I feel sorry for myself for not knowing such information about their history. Shopping seems to occupy my mind way back. I swear in the near travel plans, I'll make sure to know something about the history of the place I'll visit :)

Tian'anmen square, Forbidden City, Summer Place, Great Wall of China
can't remember what is what. all that I can remember is that there was too many people inside and I gained about 10lbs and yeah I know I'm a fat ass here

temple of heavens