Wednesday, February 9, 2011

with the boys

Another unplanned dinner. One of the boys again. We were just gossiping during our Advance Accounting class and Ali keeps on asking if we wanted to dine out (with a puppy fcuk smiling face) and I just can't say no with JM and Ali (being the heart broken people :D ). Went to Carinderia buffet (featured in US girls, studio 23) in QC to try their buffet for 99+ vat pesos only.

Carinderia Buffet offers Filipino dishes for a very affordable price. It is not an air conditioned resto like the typical buffet restos. Buffet choices are dinuguan, sinigang na baboy, tahong, pansit and a whole lot more of Filipino dishes.
It was really fun to experience and dine in a very affordable price around Metro but I think I would not go back . The service is great, servers always roam around and check our drinks, they also maintain enough food in the buffet table but the food is warm even though you feel the heat from the table. with the food, they lack on something, i can't tell what is it though.

Kerby, Mark, Ali, JM
*JM moved his plates to hide his leftovers.

Transferred in Wicked Kitchen, Mo. Ignacia, to eat something sweet.

ordered the all time favorite Gluttony

I know I'm gaining weight again :(

P.S .I haven't blog anything about my birthday. But will do soon. :)

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